Stay Tuned for post-COVID productions


Scream Queens II

By Scott Martin

Directed by Ralph Griffey


This Musequel brings back our six voluptuous B-movie babes from several years ago to another horror/sci-fi convention with new songs, new videos and new audience participation contests; a sexy world premiere sequel to the original musical presented by the Cast Players in 2015; book, music and lyrics by Scott Martin. Not recommended for young audiences.

The Puzzle with the Piazza

By Mark Dunn

Directed by Richard Meinhold


While septuagenarian Althea Witlin is showing her house to Leif, a prospective buyer, (poor health is causing her to move in with her younger sister) they come across the one 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle among her large collection that she’s been afraid to work.  With his encouragement, they dump the puzzle onto a table, and thus begins a gentle, bittersweet comedy/drama about the fragility of family ties and the often much stronger bonds of friendship that lattice the final years of our lives.

The Puzzle with the Pizza Image.PNG